What Three Teenagers Did for This Sobbing Homeless Man at Chick-fil-A Has Been Viewed by 9 Million People Online…

Three kids, Ryan Cook, Joshua Mechell, and their mutual friend Alberto Montiel, are actively contributing to the improvement of their community.

When the three little boys were having lunch at their neighborhood Chick-Fil-A in Corpus Christi, Texas, they were startled to see a homeless guy sobbing and fumbling about in an attempt to pay for his meal.

In a post on Facebook that has now gone viral, Ryan made the following observation about the man: “He had a weathered Bible on the table and some coins he was counting.”

Chick-Fil-Eddie, the homeless guy, is said to visit the restaurant, but he never bothers anybody or asks for help, unless it’s water for his dog, Socks, an employee at the diner said.

Eddie’s emotions were totally destroyed, and as a result, the adolescents went out of their way to assist him.

They headed to a Dick’s Sporting Goods store nearby, where they made their purchase, and while they were there, they gave Eddie a gift card to Chick-Fil-A and asked him to wait.

Dick’s sent Eddie with a gift including a jacket, a beanie, three shirts, and some first-aid supplies, then, Dick’s contributed twenty dollars and gave away some of the products that were on display in their store.

The kids said that at first they didn’t want to post the video on social media, but they later changed their minds because they believed it would inspire others to help others and care for one another.

“All that we want to do is make the world a better place to live in, and we want to motivate others to do something about it,” Joshua added.

Eddie has been in communication with the youths, and they have informed him that they plan to provide him with a comfortable hotel room and a hearty meal.

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