When a couple opened their eyes, they discovered that they were sharing their bed with a dog that was not their own…

Julie Thornton Johnson and Jimmy Johnson from southern Tennessee woke up on May 1 early in the morning to discover a fluffy invader snuggling in bed with them.

Around four in the morning, when Julie woke up, she discovered that a dog was resting on their bed. However, she didn’t give it much thought since their three hounds, Jupiter, Hollis, and Zeppelin, all like sleeping on the bed. After that, she continued to sleep.

Jimmy, however, awoke with a jolt as the light from outside began to shine through their window at around 6:30 a.m. He spoke in a low tone but with an authoritative tone as he questioned Julie, “Whose dog is this?”

Both Julie and her husband had just come to the conclusion that the red-nosed pit bull-labrador mix that was squished in between them was not their dog. Julie’s first thought was that another intruder had gotten into the home, but she quickly understood that the dog was only trying to find somewhere safe to hide.

“All she wanted to do was find a secure location. Therefore, it completely morphed into a humorous Let’s take some photographs with Nala”. The couple took a few photographs of their amusing predicament and Julie posted the story on Facebook after sharing it with her friends.

In the caption, she said, “This is by far the strangest post I have ever been required to write, Is this dog belonging to you?”

Because the puppy wasn’t sporting a collar, the Johnsons were unable to determine her name. However, within an hour of publishing the advertisement, Julie was sent a message from someone who said that Nala was their dog.

Julie asked the woman if she could provide any evidence that she was the owner since she wanted to be sure it was the proper person. After that, the lady provided images of Christmas and Easter as well as a large number of photos with Nala.

The previous evening, when Felecia’s dad was taking Nala for a walk, the dog managed to get out from her collar, according to the owners of Nala, Felecia Johnson and Cris Hawkins.

It is still not quite apparent how she managed to get inside the house of the couple, but Julie has a sneaking suspicion that Nala just opened a door for herself as she was seeking for a safe place to rest while the storm raged outside that night.

She believes that Jimmy left the front door slightly ajar after taking their three dogs outside before to going to bed. Nala’s owner, Felecia, eventually showed up to get her, but it was some time before the dog agreed to leave with her.

A few days following Nala’s accidental stay, the families went on a wonderful puppy play date in Julie and Jimmy’s yard with all four puppies, who enjoyed some vanilla ice cream and snacks along with the company of their human counterparts.

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