When a father buys a car for his daughter, he discovers a note in the glove compartment that leaves him in tears, so he…

Kevin was delighted to be able to gift his daughter her very first car, though, he had no notion it wasn’t simply “a car.”

When he decided to take the car out for a spin and thoroughly inspect it, he found a letter inside, saying, “Important Information Inside,” and was addressed to the new owner.

The letter stated: “My only purpose in writing this letter was to inform whomever gets this vehicle of the exceptional value that you have obtained by purchasing it. This car belonged to my mum. On February 25, 2015, a home fire claimed the lives of my 6-year-old daughter, her aunt and my mom.

On the day she passed, my mother took one more ride in this vehicle as she  went shopping and their hair cut with my kid”. However, she had no option but to put it up for sale

The car’s former owner and her family’s happy recollections of their trips in it were evident as it stood as a testament to their happiness and to moments that would never again come to pass.

” I really hope you love driving it as much as I have. If it lasts another century, I’ll be happy. Assuming there are children, toys, and other objects in the backseat, I’ll be happy.”

It wasn’t the most beautiful automobile in the world, but the lady who delivered the letter cared more about its meaning than its aesthetics.

“I know it’s only a vehicle to you, but it means so lot to me.  Laughter and fun filled the air in this vehicle. Now that you’ve got it, remember that it’s more than just a vehicle. It’s just a hazy memory. My family’s last piece is this automobile, with all its quirks. Observe it with reverence and care. ”

“If you ever decide to part with Sylvia, the car name chosen by her kid, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I’ve just paid for three ceremonies, so I can’t afford to buy it now, but perhaps I’ll be in a better financial situation later if you decide she’s no longer the best choice for you. Be happy, be fortunate, and live and love like we did”.

Of course, after reading this Kevin found the woman who’d written the letter and returned the vehicle to her.

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