When a FedEx truck pulls up, an autistic boy is overjoyed, and the driver decides to make his day by doing something special for him…

Ryan Avila, a little child who has autism and has a passion for vehicles, was always thrilled whenever he saw the FedEx truck. And when the driver, George Thomas, found out about it, he went above to brighten the day of the adorable little kid.

What is it that he enjoys the most? Trucks. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is—buses, bank trucks, dump trucks, semi-trucks, or delivery trucks—he loves them all!

On the morning of Easter, his mother surprised him with a very unusual vehicle: it was a FedEx truck. And Ryan was very ecstatic with it.

George Thomas, who served as the company’s delivery driver, arrived later that morning and parked into the driveway. He was on his way to deliver yet another delivery, and he was completely unaware that he was going to brighten Ryan’s day.

Ryan was so ecstatic when his grandma told him that the FedEx truck was outside that he hurried outside while he was still wearing his pajamas.

George didn’t hesitate to give Ryan even more reasons to smile when Ryan’s mother told him that his favorite thing in the world is trucks and that he had received a FedEx truck for Easter. Ryan was persuaded by George to step inside the vehicle and look around.

While Ryan’s mother was explaining to George that her son was on the Autism Spectrum, George discovered exactly how remarkable of a child Ryan is and how exceptional he is. But what really got to George was the way Ryan saw him as a hero and looked up to him like he was a superhero.

In the end, George was given the opportunity to drive a truck, and not just any vehicle; rather, he was given the opportunity to drive a FedEx truck. The next day, George came back with a surprise for everyone. More presents from the FedEx firm were handed to Ryan by this man, including a soccer ball, a shirt, and even a cap.

The expression that Ryan had on his face was just adorable. It was a face that radiated unadulterated delight, pleasure, and adoration!

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