When a garbage man arrives with a cake for her birthday, a 100-year-old woman is overwhelmed by joy…

We all have grandparents in our families.

However, not everyone had the opportunity to spend time with them. Don’t waste any time if you have the chance to spend some time with them.

Cherish the memories you’ve been able to create with them. Because you have been gifted with the opportunity to form a relationship with them. In the end, these individuals are not only the ones who cared for our parents, but they are also those who love us with an unconditional love and devotion.

Unfortunately, there are old people who have no option but to live on their own. Hopefully, we all do our bit and take the time to help them feel better, since loneliness and isolation may have a negative impact on their health. It’s not simple, particularly now that we’re dealing with a pandemic.

People who are ready to make time for elderly people, regardless of whether or not they are biologically connected to them, is a rare thing.

And when others take the time to do this for them, it is much appreciated by the elderly. Even a simple talk may bring them joy.

‘She will be waiting for me every time I walk up her garden path, which I do every Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8:10 a.m.,’ Ben told ITV.

Ben also explained why he likes chatting with Mercy.

‘I’ve been a binman for about 11 years and like listening to her tell stories about her life — she was born in 1919 and can’t believe what technology has accomplished since then, and she can’t understand how to use my phone.’

He surprised her with a cake for her 100th birthday, which she really enjoyed. Fortunately, the touching event was captured on video. And, as was to be anticipated, the video has gone viral on social media platforms.

Her response will make your heart melt. Ben is seen in the video with a cake, and when he approaches Mercy, it’s clear that the woman is completely taken aback and left speechless. In addition, he and a coworker performed a birthday song in honor of her.

Watch the video here:

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