When a homeless woman approached a member of the staff at McDonald’s for a “cup of hot water,” they refused to serve her, and then…

When Mr. Pengelly reportedly saw a homeless woman being turned away at the door of a fast-food restaurant after she attempted to go inside for a cup of hot water, he was considering ordering a chicken burger and some fries as his late-night snack.

“I couldn’t help but notice her. I don’t know what was going through their head but a woman who was obviously homeless was asking for a fundamental human right; and for a multi-billion pound firm, it is disgraceful for them to say refuse!”

“My heart was completely broken! So I approached her and urged her to get whatever it was that she want, fully anticipating that she would order everything. I could not believe it, however,  we purchased as much as we could physically carry”

Mr. Pengelly followed the homeless woman, who went by the name Polly, and sat down on the street with her after getting some food and beverages. He said that they were the subject of “laughter” from some of the people who passed them while they were sitting on the street.

“There was no way I could simply let this woman go since she was so kind and so reassuring, ” and after that, he told her that he had invited Polly and her friends over to his home, where he and his pals had prepared enough food for her to consume for the next several days.

“Polly and her companion had just finished brushing their teeth and taking showers, and they both agreed that they do not believe they have ever felt more valued in their lives.

I’m certainly no saint, but this little act of charity set me back approximately twenty pounds (USD 28.33) and i can confidently say that nine out of ten of the individuals who are reading this make far more than that each day.

Being nice doesn’t cost anything, and I really hope people share this to increase awareness of homelessness around us. If you see someone living on the street, don’t treat them like they’re nothing by looking down your nose at them.

You have no idea what they have been going through! Please give this some thinking!”  McDonald’s has denied his claim that the homeless woman was refused water and instead suggested that she had been banned from the premise beforehand due to an anti-social behavior.

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