When a little girl called his phone number every day and called him “daddy,” a man thought she was playing a joke on him. When he looked into her call, it broke his heart…

“Over the course of the following several days, I was bothered by the fact that the same phone number continued calling me. When that happened, the caller would get an abrupt response from me, and other times, I would just choose to ignore the call.

One day, the same number phoned again, and unlike my typical self, I was able to keep my composure long enough to answer the call. I did this because I was intrigued by the fact that this young lady continued to call my number.

After picking up the phone, I once again heard the small girl’s voice, but this time it sounded strained, and her breath appeared to be coming in short bursts. “Daddy, Please get back to me as soon as possible.

I think about you all the time! This is the right number, according to what Mother told me. Please call me at the number listed.”

“Daddy, I am in agony! Mother has informed me that you have a very demanding job, and mother has been taking care of me throughout the day and night. It’s starting to catch up to her.

I know it must be extremely challenging and difficult for you to go to work each day, Daddy, but if you are unable to come, would you just give me a hug and a kiss?”

It was impossible for me to say no to the request coming from such a sweet voice, so I imitated some kissing noises for her. When the small girl overheard my kisses, she responded by saying, “Thank you, Daddy, I am…very glad, I feel…so happy….”

The wailing voice of a woman took over just as I was starting to become interested in this young girl’s repeated efforts to reach me. She said, “I’m sorry, sir, to have plagued you for the last several weeks. I had planned to contact you after I had resolved all of the issues that arose while I was here, but I really apologize.

My youngster over there has a really pitiful life. She was diagnosed with bone cancer the day she was born, and her father went tragically not too long ago as the result of an automobile accident; yet, I did not have the guts to inform her about this devastating news.

“She was had to undergo chemotherapy on a daily basis, and the amount of pain that she had to endure was insurmountable for a kid of her age.  After each round of chemotherapy, whenever the agony became intolerable for her, she would scream for her father, who would reassuringly tell her to have bravery in the face of adversity.

“I really did not have the fortitude to inform a sick kid that her father had passed away, therefore, since the day that her father passed away, I have been coming up with random phone numbers, one of which has turned out to be yours….”

After hearing her story, I was left feeling really depressed as a result of it, “How is the youngster doing at this time?” I asked. ” She has only just left this world.  You must have given her a last kiss before you parted ways…

She went out with a cheery expression on her face. Before she went, she gripped the phone she had used to get in touch with you quite firmly. I want to express my gratitude to you for making the last hours of my daughter’s life so joyful.””

“After learning that the little girl had passed away, I was instantly overcome by sorrow and started crying…”

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