When a mail carrier at the post office notices an elderly woman’s mail piling up, it causes her to feel concerned and when they enter her house…

After seeing that an elderly woman’s mail was building up, Kayla Berridge, who works as a postal carrier for the post office, got worried about the situation. Even though it had been just four days, Kayla was accustomed to seeing the resident on a regular basis since she really cared for the older people in her neighborhood.

Kayla was aware that this old lady lived alone; hence, her level of fear increased as the days went and the mail accumulated.

“I just got a feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I just wanted to make sure [she was well]. When individuals get their mail on a daily basis, you start to become aware of their routines ”

So, Kayla made the decision to get in touch with the authorities and ask for a welfare check. And praise be to God that she did! It had been four days since the old lady, whose identity will not be disclosed, had collapsed.

When the police entered her home, they discovered her in her bedroom beeath a heap of belongings from around the house that had fallen on top of her. She was unable to reach anybody for assistance while she was on the floor since she was confined there.

If Kayla hadn’t responded to the nudges she was getting, it’s possible that this old lady would have passed away!

According to Officer Wayne Stevens, there is no question that the postal carrier at the post office saved her life.

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