When a Marine Veteran with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder receives a puppy as a gift, he overcomes his emotions

A dog was given to a Marine veteran as an early Christmas present by his family. Peter Coukoulis has been suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder since his return to civilian life three years ago, and his mother, Dena, believed that adopting a dog that could be trained as a service animal would assist her son.

In the touching video below, he is assisting his family with Christmas decorations in the kitchen when he is presented with a festively wrapped gift. The box is partially open, indicating what lies within.

He’s not sure why his family is giving him a gift so early, but when he opens the top, a small Beagle puppy jumps up and peeks out. Peter starts crying the moment he sees the puppy and carefully scoops up his new companion, cuddling her to him before kissing her.

“The puppy has already altered Peter’s life; it has made him happy after a very terrible three years,” Dena said of the touching occasion.

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