When a mother is left stranded on the highway without cell service, she starts to worry, but then a stranger pulls over and helps her. Later, she found out who it was…

When Tina Gunn was travelling from Iowa to Omaha, Nebraska, she had a flat tire and had to pull over. Because Gunn, who was stuck with her children on Interstate 35 just north of Story City, did not know how to replace a flat tire, she attempted to get onto the Allstate app, but there was no internet connection.

When she saw how many automobiles were driving by, her fear level skyrocketed, and she began to question whether or not they would be able to escape the area in one piece.

Then, out of nowhere, a young guy approached them with an offer to help fix their flat tire. Although Gunn had no clue who the guy was, he was a fairly well-known figure in the state of Iowa.

When Zach Twedt, a linebacker for the Iowa Hawkeyes, noticed the automobile parked on the side of the road, he was on his way to Iowa City for the football practice the next day.

He inquired as to how he might be of assistance to Gunn, and he cheerfully replaced the flat tire for her.

Gunn said that she was taken aback when the young guy approached them because she found it hard to imagine that a complete stranger would be concerned enough to stop. “Simply out of the kindness of his heart, he wanted to be of assistance to us.’

Twedt has expressed his belief that he can help make the world a better place by doing random acts of kindness.

“In my view, it does not make a difference who you are or what your standing is in society; there is no one who is too nice to assist someone else out when they are in need. ”

Twedt said that he did what he did not for the purpose of gaining attention, but rather because he is of the opinion that showing a little compassion may go a long way.

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