When a much-loved waitress is given a potentially life threatening diagnosis, everyone at the…

Cynthia reveals that over the years, she has developed strong relationships with the customers of her Waffle House and notes that remembering a customer’s name is something that they appreciate very much.

However, Cynthia is memorizing names for any purpose other than her genuine care and concern for the customers that she serves on a weekly basis.

Joey is one of those customers that comes here often. Since he moved there five years ago, he and his family have made it a habit to eat most of their Saturday meals at the Waffle House in their neighborhood, so he started to feel worried when he realized that Cynthia wasn’t working on a certain Saturday.

Godfrey said that we could count on her presence every every Saturday, “she never makes it about her; she’s always happy, and she constantly asks how I and my children are doing.”

When she eventually got there, Joey greeted her with a question about how things was going and Cynthia told him, unintentionally, that she had been diagnosed with stage 1 multiple myeloma by her physicians and that the chemotherapy she was receiving for her disease was causing side effects that prohibited her from going to work.

Because Joey was so upset by the circumstances, he left a large tip for Cynthia on that particular day.

However, Joey didn’t stop after his one very large tip and as he was convinced that other Waffle House customers would want to assist out their favorite waitress, he created a GoFundMe page to collect donations.

Indeed, he was correct. In a matter of days, donors contributed $5,000 to the fund, which currently totals more than $10,000.

Cynthia will be able to use the money to assist her in meeting her financial obligations on days when she is unable to work as a result of her treatments.

Cynthia is appreciative of the monetary aid, but she is much more appreciative of the love, care, and prayers that have been sent in her direction!

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