When a rude woman refers to a tattooed man as a “dirty biker,” he responds by revealing his true identity on Facebook…

He was out testing his mother’s motorbike when he decided to stop at the Tim Horton’s in the Canadian province of Ontario. You wouldn’t believe what occurred when a tiny kid waved hello.
Luc is a huge, bearded man. He enjoys riding motorbikes and loves good beer. He has several tattoos, as well as a beard.

Despite this, he remains a softie at heart. In the same way that everyone else does, he still struggles with a variety of issues and anxieties.

And it’s OK with him since he understands that he’s just like everyone else, who is dealing with their own problems. That’s why he tries his hardest not to pass judgment on others.

Some people did not feel the same way as he did, though. And that is exactly what he encountered on his coffee break.

As he previously said, he is a large man who would make most people feel uncomfortable if they came across him. In his words, he “look[ed] like he [would] eat your soul” if you looked at him in the wrong way.

A tiny girl took notice of him when he was at the coffee shop. However, instead of being intimidated by him, she approached him and introduced herself to him. Luc, who was taken aback yet delighted with the warm welcome, returned the greeting.

A normal reaction amongst other parents is to be pleased when their young children have strong personalities while also choosing to be nice.

Unfortunately, the mother of this young child was not as supportive of her daughter’s position. When she saw her daughter engaging in conversation with Luc, she dragged her away from him. The small girl was told by her mother that she was not permitted to speak to “dirty bikers,” which Luc overheard as they were walking away.

Luc’s heart was broken as a result of this. While he makes an attempt not to make moral judgements about other individuals based on their looks, the reality is that not everyone feels the same way.

In response to the mother’s reaction in front of her daughter, he posted an emotional message on his Facebook profile, which has now gone viral.

It has been shared more than 4,000 times since he initially published it on the internet in 2013.
It is undoubtedly a feeling shared by people all across the globe, and it is a lesson that we should all keep in mind at all times.

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