When a Tooth Falls Out on the Plane, a Young Girl Is Devastated, But The Pilot Helps Her Through It With An Unexpected Solution…

Lena, who was just six years old at the time, was vacationing with her family when she suddenly became aware that they were missing an essential item – she lost her tooth.

Both Lena and her mother made an effort to search for the tooth, but they were unable to access the airport gates since it was two in the morning and airport security had already shut down. This is when Captain Josh Duchow, a pilot with United Airlines, gave some aid to the situation.

In the end, he composed an explanation letter for Lena to provide to the tooth fairy, in which he detailed the circumstances behind the loss of her tooth. He addressed the letter, “Dear Tooth Fairy.” “While Lena was traveling to Greenville, a tooth came loose and fell out, please accept this message in lieu of her tooth. Thank you.”

What a kind and thoughtful act! In addition, Lena’s mother posted a message about it on social media with the following caption: “I’m confident the Tooth Fairy would take this letter in place of a small tooth.”

Thankfully, the Tooth Fairy acknowledged the message that had been written by Captain Duchow and also left a note for Lena along with a present. “It is not a big deal, Lena, that you pulled out a tooth when you were flying. I will get it. Keep brushing, “it said in the message.

United Airlines sent their gratitude to Captain Duchow and let him know how impressed they were “We are delighted to witness moments like these, which underline our commitment to going above and beyond for our passengers and building an airline where “Good Leads the Way.”

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