When a train crashed into the car that mom was driving with her baby inside, she soon realized that her child wasn’t the only one in the car…

It was a day like any other when it first began. Mikayla Davis was operating the vehicle, and her sister Jenna was sitting in the passenger seat. Mikayla’s son Camden, who was three years old, was secured in his car seat in the trunk. But as she drove onto some railroad tracks, the situation took a horrifying turn for the worst.

According to Mikayla, the railroad gates did not seem to be working properly when she drove onto the tracks.

When the one in front of her car collapsed, it blocked their path just as a train was approaching them. Jenna yelled at her sister to retreat, but by that time it was already too late.

Mikayla and Jenna were aware that they needed to get out of the vehicle since there was no way to pull the automobile off the railway lines. As the train barreled at them, they leaped out of the vehicle and scrambled to get to the rear, where they attempted to free Camden from his car seat.

“At this moment, we couldn’t care less whether we perish. Just him, we want him to be OK,” Mikayla added.

Mikayla stumbled and fell forward, landing on her face. Jenna tore open the rear door, but there was just not enough time to escape through it. Camden was still inside the vehicle when it was hit by the train, which left the door unlatched and hanging open.

Mikayla sat there, dreading the very worst that might happen. She was so upset that she couldn’t even bear to look at the automobile. However, at that moment, her sister said, “He’s crying. Go grab him.”

Mikayla hurried over to the wrecked car and couldn’t believe what she saw when she got there.

“I witnessed him in his life. “I was just so thrilled — I was just so joyful,” she remembers feeling in an emotional way. Even though he was afraid and wailing, Camden was still alive.

We were taken aback when we overheard him sobbing. “That was the most incredible sound in the whole universe,” Jenna said.

Camden was shaken up but otherwise remained uninjured after the collision. And everyone, even the rescue group that was already on the site, is in complete agreement that it’s a miracle.

They were accompanied by another person. “After seeing that automobile, there is absolutely no question in my mind that someone was with them, protecting” said Maureen Davis, Camden’s grandmother.

When you look at the photographs taken at the accident scene, it’s impossible to argue with that!

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