When a woman experiences a seizure near the pool, her 5-year-old rushes to save her from drowning…

Being a protector is an important aspect of being a parent. From the minute your kid is born, you are filled with a strong desire and sense of duty to ensure their safety. It is something that every mother and father feels compelled to do, and you will go to almost any length to ensure the safety of your children.
However, there are instances when it is the children who must defend their parents!

It was something like this that happened to Tracy Anderwald and her daughter, Allison, when Tracy was put in a potentially life-threatening scenario.
Everything started when Tracy and Allison were spending the day together at Tracy’s sister’s home, having a “mommy-daughter day.” Tracy had a seizure as they were swimming in the pool.

She passed out right in the middle of the pool and fell face-first into the water, but she didn’t hurt herself. Unless someone intervened, she was certain to drown in her state of unconsciousness.

Fortunately, little Allison took the appropriate decisions to save her mother’s life!

Rather of panicking or becoming stressed out, the 5-year-old child maintained her calm long enough to take immediate action and rescue her mother. As soon as Allison saw that her mother was not reacting, she swam up to her and used her own power to push her mother into the shallow end of the swimming pool.

Then she turned her mother’s body so that her face was looking upwards rather than downwards into the water, and she rushed inside the house to call for help.

Fortunately, one of Allison’s aunts, Tedra Hunt, was walking over to the home as Allison arrived and was able to inform her of what had happened. Tedra called 911 and dashed to the swimming pool. It  it didn’t take long for the emergency services to come and take her to the hospital.

It is just fantastic! The fact that a 5-year-old saved a life in such a spectacular way shows how important early swimming lessons are. Allison had been swimming since she was a baby, so she had the strength to jump in and rescue her mother.

hThe doctors feared Tracy may suffer brain damage or not fully recover, but Allison’s fast thinking and life-saving acts allowed her mother to leave the hospital without health issues.
The family hopes their story will inspire other parents to teach their kids to swim.

Watch the video here:

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