When an Uber driver revealed her greatest ambition to her customers, she was taken aback by their surprise…

The tune “Come on everybody now, smile on your brother, everyone come together, try to love one another right now” was originally performed by Garth Brooks.  A performance by Garth Brooks took place in  Alabama, in the beginning of June.

Katie Watson, Zack Watson, and an additional ticket were going to watch him perform, and the extra ticket was intended for a friend. They attempted to give the excess ticket to another person when their companion became ill, but they were unsuccessful.

They made the call from the Homewood Hotel, where they were staying, to have an Uber pick them up and drop them down to Protective Stadium, which was the location of the event. Unfortunately, their first Uber driver did not show there, but fortunately, Vicky was their next driver.

Vicky was an Uber driver, but she didn’t reside in Birmingham; she traveled there to work simply so she could be near the people who were coming to watch Garth Brooks perform. Vicky loved Garth Brooks. That’s how much of a supporter of the country singer Vicky really is.

After the pair had gotten into Vicky’s vehicle, she greeted them by saying, “I’m going to presume that you’re going to the Garth Brooks performance.” “Garth is one of my all-time favorite artists, and attending one of his performances is one of the things that is on my bucket list.

It’s possible that I will get to meet him in person at some point in the future. He has a heart that is so pure and kind.

Katie spoke to her friend Vicky about the possibility of going to a Garth Brooks performance with them. Vicky took the additional ticket despite her lack of belief.

Vicky, Zack, and Katie all went into the stadium together to take in a performance by one of Vicky’s favorite bands.

Katie said that it was a highlight of her night to be able to accompany her friend Vicky to the event, “It was the very least that we could do, and we think that it greatly brightened Vicky’s evening.”

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