When an undercover boss discovers the truth about his employee’s history, the next action he takes drives her to tears…

Given the amount of time we spend at work, we often share personal matters with our coworkers as if they were members of our family. This was the situation that Leeanne, an assistant manager at Alfred Angelo, one of the most prominent wedding firms in the nation, found herself in.

One day, Lee Jeffries, a personal fitness coach who was participating in a reality program he was recording in the aim of beginning his own company, stopped by her shop. Leeanne was captured on camera opening up to him about the struggles she’s been through in her life.

She related how, when she was 17 years old, her parents expelled her from the family home because she had come out as gay. The point at which she felt she had reached rock bottom brought her to Penn Station, where she slept on a bench.

Leeanne was fortunate enough to come across an advertisement for a sales position, which ended up being her way off the streets. She attributes her success to her drive and determination, and claims that she “grown into management” throughout the course of her career.

Her team looks up to her as a source of motivation today. She gives each employee a dry erase board so that they may write down their objectives, which she uses as a method of motivating them. On top of everything else, Leeanne revealed to Lee that she is going to propose to her girlfriend and marry her.

In reality, the individual known as “Lee Jeffries” did not work as a performance coach; he is in reality Paul Quentel, the President of the firm, and he was acting undercover.

Under the guise that she might assist the firm in formulating incentive measures, “Jeffries” extended an invitation to her to visit the company’s headquarters in Florida. It was at that location when Quentel disclosed his actual name to Leeanne, as well as his ambitions.

” You said to me that you were planning to be married and that you were going to have a custom wedding dress created.”

When Leeanne thought back to her time living on the streets, she came up with an important message.

When most people think of homeless individuals, the first thing that comes to mind is that they have nowhere to go but down. However, if you genuinely desire something and put the effort in to acquire it, you will be successful.

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