When Barbra Streisand got bracelet that said “Grandma,” she started to cry

In the 1990s, singer Barbra Streisand met her second husband, actor James Brolin. The couple’s first date took place on July 1, 1996, and it went even better than they had hoped.

They spoke till 3 a.m. and were both undecided about whether or not to lock lips. Streisand subsequently stated that it took her several months to determine whether Brolin was “the one.”

Their budding affair was exclusively over the phone during that time since he was in Ireland directing “My Brother’s War.” However, the lovebirds’ intentions were not derailed since Brolin moved in with Streisand in November of that same year.

On July 1, 1998, the couple married at the actress’s mansion in Malibu, California. The wedding date was changed to coincide with the second anniversary of their first date.

When the pair married, Streisand became a stepmother to her husband’s three children from his two previous marriages: son Josh and daughters Jess and Molly.

Brolin has two children with his ex-wife, actress Jane Cameron Agee, whom he married from 1966 to 1984. He had Molly with his second wife, actress Jan Smithers, whom he married in 1986 but divorced in 1995.

Despite their celebrity, Streisand and the two-time Golden Globe winner wanted to give Josh (now an actor) and his siblings a regular childhood.

Josh spoke candidly about the incident in an interview with Bang Showbiz.com, noting that because he lived a secluded life for the majority of his upbringing, the paparazzi did not follow him wherever he went until he was a young adult.

“My popularity has just recently increased, but I don’t have a horde following me.” “As children, we were isolated from the celebrity since our nearest neighbor was a mile down the road, and I didn’t feel my father’s fame until I left home.”


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Josh is now the father of four children, and his stepmother, who also has a son named Jason from her first marriage to actor Elliott Gould, is overjoyed to be a grandmother. Josh spoke about his then-unborn third child with his wife, Kathryn Boyd Brolin, on SiriusXM in June 2018.

When Josh was asked if his father and Streisand were pleased about getting another grandchild, he responded that his adored stepmother was the one who was more excited about her then-unborn grandson:

“When my wife gave her a bracelet with the word “grandma” on it, she burst into tears.”


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He revealed that Streisand wrote him and Kathryn emails every day, informing them that she was thinking about potential baby names and wanted their feedback. She also inquired as to when she might visit the couple’s home to feel Kathryn’s baby bump:

“She’s extremely into it, and I appreciate that about her.” This experience has drenched her like a normal Jewish grandmother. It’s fantastic.”

Josh has two elder children: a son, Trevor; a daughter, Eden; and two toddler girls, Westlyn and Chapel. Streisand has a great relationship with her elder siblings, in addition to relating with Westlyn the most and pampering her and her younger sister.

According to TheThings.com, the New York native once revealed specifics about spending time with the older children. She used to cancel all of her appointments in order to spend time with her adult granddaughter, Eden.

Eden and her brother Trevor pursued performing professions as their parents did. Josh has two grown children with actress Alice Adair.

Trevor, their son, was born in June 1988 and is an actor and producer best known for the 2011 films “All Kids Count,” “Felt,” and “X” (2008).

Eden, their actress daughter, was born in 1994 and is best known for her roles as Charlie Singer in “Beyond” and Mia in the Neo-Western drama series “Yellowstone.”


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Furthermore, Streisand and Brolin reside not far from Josh and Kathryn’s house and are virtually neighbors. Kathryn and Josh frequently pay visits to Brolin and Streisand.

Streisand’s love for her grandchildren is limitless, as attested by her husband. Brolin previously confessed that his wife enjoyed buying gifts for their grandchildren and treating them whenever possible.

In turn, Josh and Kathryn lavish Streisand with affection. In April 2020, a beaming Streisand shared a photo of her daughter-in-law with the caption, “We love you, Gamma and Grandpa.” The photograph was taken during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.

The “Funny Girl” actress said she appreciated the gesture and the flowers. “I adore the sign Josh and Kathryn made for us yesterday when they came to visit our infant grandson, Westlyn! “P.S. All of the flowers on our wishing well are now blooming—we wish with all of our hearts and souls that everyone stays healthy! The celebrity wrote

Streisand posted a photo of herself and Josh smiling while leaning in for a kiss in May 2019: “Thank you for the lovely Mother’s Day card, honey.” Josh, my younger son, writes: “Along with a heart emoji.”


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The director is extremely close to her stepson, and their devotion and social media displays show how close they are. Streisand also supports Josh’s accomplishments and finds time to see him in person.

In 2010, the Hollywood veteran and her husband joined Josh at a screening of “Jonah Hex” and documented their precious moments together. She attended the premiere of her stepson’s 2018 film, “Sicario: Day of the Soldado,” eight years later.


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When COVID-19 brought the world to a halt in 2020, separating many people from their loved ones, Josh and his wife traveled to Streisand and Brolin’s house after being separated from them for months.

The “Avengers: Endgame” actor was so happy to see his parents again that he turned to social media to post a touching photo of his family. Fans couldn’t get enough of the aforementioned photograph.

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