When fans found out about Bryan’s kind act, they descended on Potts’ social media account to praise him for assisting a member of the general public and stepping in to help

A viral video of country music star Luke Bryan supporting a mom raising her two small children by herself touched the hearts of his ardent fans. Bryan has been commended for his never-ending kind gesture, which is only one of his many good actions.

When country artist Luke Bryan came up beside Courtney Potts, who was stuck on the road with her two young children due to a flat tire in October 2021, he gave the family roadside help. Taste of Country, a country music journal, reported on the occurrence.

Potts posted a short clip on Instagram of a Hollywood star crouching down and working on a tire iron. The actor was shown in the film working on a tire iron. The woman, a mother of two children, told the news site that her son was sleeping well but her daughter was growing disturbed.

Potts became disoriented on a hazardous turn near Columbia, Tennessee, where she lives and Bryan owns hunting land. Her driver’s-side front tire blew, forcing her to hobble off to the shoulder of the road.

Potts noticed the gray car drive up in front of her before it began to reverse, then she noticed it again as it began to reverse. The composer stepped out of the automobile at that same time.

Potts claimed she had to perform a “double take” after hearing his voice, which she did in response to seeing him. The first thing he said to her did not surprise her because of how he had approached her.

“As soon as I heard his voice, I leaped out of the car and reconsidered.” I hadn’t had time to grasp what had just transpired when he remarked something along the lines of, “Look, we need to get you off this road since I nearly hit you.”

Bryan, who was traveling with his two sons, advised Potts to follow him along the road. However, there wasn’t much room between them because Bryan was so close to colliding with Potts’ truck as he came around the corner. He assisted her in her quest for the spare tire, which was concealed somewhere in the cluttered truck.

When the Georgia native saw that the lone parent’s tire jack was useless, he offered her his own. Potts recalled the man just getting down on the ground and starting to replace the tire.

Bryan’s intervention took less than a half-hour, and he cheerfully posed for a photo with the Tennessee native, who is now an even bigger fan of his than before.

Simply put, he is a humble individual. I told my mother that he had taken on the role of a father figure. He was quite worried about the idea that I was going to change the tire on this car!

When fans learned about Bryan’s humanitarian move, they flocked to Potts’ social media account to thank him for assisting a member of the public and stepping in to help.

An Instagram user praised him and termed it a blessing that he was at the right place at the right time to ensure Potts and her children received aid.

“This is a true, down-home Southern gentleman. “Bless you for being there at the right time to help her, and may God reward you. And make certain that your guys, as well as her two children, were safe,” the person who sent the post claimed.

Another social media user commended Bryan, calling him “amazing,” and said it was inspiring to witness “a superstar supporting a regular everyday guy.”

The aforementioned individual congratulated Bryan on his achievement and expressed best wishes to him and his family, stating that the star is a one-of-a-kind individual who was clearly raised properly by caring parents.

According to a third source, the singer renowned for the song “Country Girl” “has a heart of gold” and is “always willing to help others.” They went on to claim that this is “one of the reasons” why he is so popular.

Since this wasn’t Bryan’s first time helping people, the fact that he helped a woman with her two small children didn’t surprise him.

When he and his wife, Caroline Boyer, decided to raise the children of his late sister Kelly and brother-in-law Ben Cheshire after they both died, they did the most selfless thing conceivable.

According to People, during an interview with ABC News in November 2017, Bryan was candid about how he was dealing with the tragedy in his life. His brother Chris was killed in a car accident in the year 2000, while his sister Kelly died tragically seven years later. Their losses were both heartbreaking.

The death of Kelly’s widower, Cheshire, in 2014 was the catalyst for the irreversible change in Bryan’s life. He and Boyer were given custody of the couple’s three children: a son named Til and two daughters named Jord and Kris.

The incident happened on a Thursday night, and it was her first time at a bar. Boyer stated she was shy as a result of her small-town background and had the same boyfriend since she was in seventh grade.

She admitted that she was afraid of Bryan’s manner and couldn’t believe he had made a move on her. “He was the second man in my whole life that I ever kissed.” Ever.”

Meanwhile, Bryan stated that he, too, was scared of his future wife before contacting her and that he had to consume a lot of alcohol to do it. He also expressed his certainty that she was the one for him and would be his rock of support.

She exemplifies the steadfastness that I require on all fronts.

The couple married in Turks and Caicos in December 2006, and they walked down the aisle there. They welcomed their first child, a boy named Thomas “Bo,” two years later, in March 2008.

They had their second child, Tatum “Tate,” in August of 2010. Bryan and Boyer adopted his teenage niece and nephew and raised them as their own children in November 2014.

Bryan describes the adjustment from parenting two children to having Til come and live with him and his family in Nashville as significant for the following reasons:

“Even so, at this point, we may call each other buddies.”

The father of five children revealed how swiftly things moved when Til moved into their home. He also stated that Til’s age was an issue, particularly when it came to giving him, parental counsel.

Bryan stated that while he wanted to play the role of a parent when Til got into trouble, he still “wanted to be a buddy to him as well.”

Having a blended family was a good experience for the country singer, who characterized Til as a “blast” in their home life. Despite this, growing up in a mixed family was a rewarding experience.

He emphasized that the son had to be a firm father while simultaneously monitoring Til’s social media accounts and ensuring that he was doing well in school. He also had to make certain that Til stayed out of trouble.

Bryan’s main goal in raising Til as a teenager was to ensure that he provided him adequate direction, worked hard in school, was nice, and tried his best to raise him correctly.

Bryan stated that the experience of being a father to his five children meant far more to him than any success in his music career.

Even though his nephews and nieces enjoyed a wonderful life while their mother was still alive, he made it obvious that his first concern was to help them in any way he could, regardless of whether or not their parents were still alive.

In 2015, the singer of “I See You” told Billboard that it was an honor for him to care for his niece and nephew since he and his family believed it was the proper thing to do.

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