When Grandma lost consciousness while driving, concerned passers-by sprung into action to assist her…

The brave act was performed in the early morning hours of a spring day in Florida. Drivers reported seeing a black automobile veer into the path of oncoming traffic as it approached the crossing.

The motorist who was sitting next to the grandmother observed that she had passed out while driving, and she got out of her vehicle as quickly as she could to provide assistance.

She yells out that there is a medical emergency, and within a few seconds, other people who were watching the events as they unfolded go into action to assist as well. In a matter of seconds, five brave individuals utilize their own body weight to bring the vehicle to a full stop just in time to prevent the vehicle from colliding with vehicles approaching in the other direction.

The moment they pull the vehicle to a full halt, they find that they are unable to get inside of it.

Every door in the building has a lock on it. One of the heroes, however, utilizes a dumbbell in order to break a window open. They get the elderly lady who had passed out to safety, and a nurse, who also happens to be one of the heroes, provides immediate medical assistance to the woman as soon as she can.

As soon as the first responders come, the team breathes a sigh of relief because they know that the grandmother will soon get the assistance that she so badly needs.

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