When his friends saw him living in an 8-square-meter home, they laughed. But when they looked inside, they were embarrassed

When his friends saw his teeny-tiny abode, they busted out laughing. But as they stepped inside, they felt embarrassed. This young prodigy built a mansion for the price of a phone!

Luke Thiull, a young prodigy, is just 13 years old, yet he is not ordinary. While other youngsters were thinking about their infatuations at school or in gym class, Luke was hard at work creating something wonderful.

Luke from Iowa constructed his ideal house in his backyard for the price of an iPhone! Check the interior!

Most teenagers bury their faces in computer and smartphone displays, but not Luke. He chose to reveal some perspiration in a more conventional manner.

He tells everything about how he had a burning urge to construct himself a mansion on his YouTube channel below.

After much thought, planning, and study, Like came up with the concept to make it a reality.

It took him roughly a year to gather all of the required finances and supplies to construct his ideal home. He mowed lawns, held fundraisers, and did whatever he could to generate cash, just like a real CEO!

He obtained some help with the electrics around the house from a person who helped him clean his garage. Master of all crafts!

What’s more, the house is made up of 75% recycled materials and leftovers from his grandmother’s house. The front door, on the other hand, was a present from his uncle.

The total home is approximately 89 square feet in size, 10 feet in length, and 5 and a half feet in width. It has power but no plumbing, so there is no shower or toilet sink yet!

“I loved the minimalism, and I wanted to have a property without a hefty mortgage,” Luke explained.

Luke posted many videos on his YouTube channel explaining the concept, and many people were interested.

Luke receives a lot of aid from his parents, but his father, Greg, insisted that Luke pays for the majority of things himself.

“It was an opportunity for a youngster to do something other than play video games or sports,” Greg explained. “It imparts valuable life lessons.”

For every adolescent, the house is a haven for alone time and space. It contains a microwave, a TV, and a sleeping loft. Oh, yeah! There’s even a grill in the back!

Luke does his studies at home, and they even let him sleep there throughout the night!

This type of ambition as a child would lead him astray later in life! His ultimate objective is to inspire people of all ages.

“I want to teach them that it’s possible to construct at this age,” he stated.

Take a look at the incredible creation below:

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