When man came back from store, having bought washing machine, he got a message from the seller, telling him to “check the dryer”…

The experience of becoming a parent fundamentally changes  a person as having a responsibility for the care of a kid is not an easy task.

In addition to committing their time, effort, and energy to meeting their child’s requirements, a parent may insist on having a reliable income. When Chris Blaze became a father for the first time in 2021, he was obviously in a predicament somewhat unlike to that of the reader.

In spite of the fact that life presented him with an overwhelming number of challenges as a new parent, he persisted in the face of adversity. When he decided to buy a washing machine, he was completely unaware of how amazing the event would really turn out to be.

After considerable deliberation of his budget, Blaze decided to purchase a secondhand piece of equipment.

Soon after that, he made a purchase from a guy called David of a pre-owned Samsung washing machine and tumble dryer. Blaze detailed: “The individual from whom I was going to make purchase was asking $500 for the two pieces of equipment.”

However,  Blaze was successful in negotiating a reduced price for the washing machine, and after thanking the owner, he took the machine home with him.

Then the man messaged Blaze, saying, “Check the dryer, a present for the new baby,” and when Blazed peeked into the lint filter, he was left stunned when he saw that his $400 was hiding there.

“At this moment, words are inadequate to describe the depth of my thanks. I’m feeling so appreciative right now that I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to David. Many thanks for everything!”

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