When Parents Discover Their Children Are At Risk of Going Blind, They Then Take Them on an Adventure Around the World Before It’s Too Late…

They were taken aback when a Canadian couple discovered the unusual eye ailment that their children both suffered from. The physicians informed them that three out of their four children would soon develop blindness and that there was no treatment available for their condition.

The majority of parents describe the experience of seeing their children grow as being bittersweet.

Even while parents rejoice at each new achievement that their children reach, they can’t help but experience a pang of melancholy when they consider the fact that their children will soon be leaving home.

Up until the day their daughter suddenly complained about her eyesight, the couple in today’s story was looking forward to the prosperous future their children would have. They brought her to an ophthalmologist, where they discovered that she would soon lose her ability to see.

Mia would eventually have vision impairment because of the hereditary disease she had. Although the physicians were unsure of exactly when she would lose all of her vision, they anticipated that it would have occurred before she became thirty years old.

In 2019, the couple was stunned to discover that both of their boys, Colin and Laurent, who are Mia’s younger brothers, were also suffering from visual issues.

Edith said: “We do not know how quickly it will progress, but we anticipate that by the time they reach middle age, they will be totally blind.”

The parents were unable to prevent their children from becoming blind since there was no treatment available for the hereditary illness they were suffering from. The only thing they could do was assist their young children in creating memories that they would carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The couple went the additional mile and arranged a year-long journey for their children to different locations throughout the world.

Rather of forcing their kids watch movies or giving them books with pictures, they decided to give their kids an experience they would never forget.

The family of six had originally planned to depart in the summer of 2020; but, because of the epidemic, they were unable to do so since travel restrictions were in place. They were forced to wait for a period of two years before setting off on their unforgettable adventure.

Edith and Sebastien thought that taking their children on adventures would be a good way to teach them valuable lessons about life.

In addition to the beautiful sights and exhilarating experiences they had, traveling placed them in challenging circumstances that helped them develop important life skills.

While the couple was working hard to give their children memories that would last a lifetime, they used to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to tell the world about their adventures.

Through their use of the internet, Edith and Sebastien were able to network with other individuals who share their genetic disease.



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