When the blind guy fell into the tracks and started shouting for help, these young boys…

Commuters at the subway station in Toronto, Canada watched with a combination of fear and relief as Good Samaritans raced to the aid of a blind guy who had fallen into the tracks and was screaming out for help.

When the train pulled up to the Broadview Station, Kyle Busquine and the other passengers on the train heard a guy yelling for assistance. The wounded guy was laying on the adjacent tracks with his cane at his side, absolutely unable to assist himself in any way.

At that precise moment, Kyle took the split-second choice to save the blind guy, which ultimately ended up risking his own life.

Before he even understood what was happening, two more guys rushed to his assistance to assist in pulling him to his feet.

It was a group effort since a fourth guy, who was an employee of the TTC, went to press the emergency button to disconnect the power to the rails after telling the Good Samaritans that they may be electrocuted by the third rail if they touched it.

Julie, who was also on the train and saw Kyle’s heroism, said, “To leap down into a track when a train is about to arrive is incredibly dangerous, and this man simply did it.” Kyle was able to save the lives of two people.

“All he did was respond,” she said.

“I don’t believe anybody in the room breathed until he was standing on the platform”.

She said that it seemed as if each second lasted for a whole minute and when all was over, everyone started clapping and embracing one other in excitement.

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