When the boy’s mother went into labor too soon, the brave youngster, then 10 years old, grabbed a nasal aspirator and used it to save the life of his little brother, when he was not…

It was only after he was 10 years old that Jayden Fontenot became an unexpected hero in the state of Louisiana as not only did he give birth to his preterm sibling inside the home, but he also used his fast thinking to rescue the baby when it was discovered that the infant was not breathing.

Ashly Moreau, Jayden’s mother, was in the restroom one morning when she had a rapid burst of her water. It was more than a month before the expected delivery date of her kid.

She glanced down and noticed that the baby’s feet were sticking out, which indicated that the baby was in a breech position, which increased the likelihood of experiencing difficulties.

She instructed Jayden to make a hasty retreat to the residence next door, where his grandmother, Francis Soileau, was then residing.

However, she was unable to assist since she was still recovering from back surgery when the request was made of her. She dialed the emergency number, and he rushed back to her mother.

Ashely informed her son, “You need to birth your baby brother as soon as possible,” and she emphasized the urgency of the situation. His toes are going blue, and he is struggling to take a breath. Jayden said, “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll get it done.”

Jayden carefully turned his baby brother in the other direction, as his mother had instructed him to do, in order to get him out of the breech position. When the baby was finally born, however, they discovered that he was not breathing.

Jayden quickly thought on his feet and grabbed the nasal aspirator that his 11-month-old sister Remi had been using on their newborn baby brother. He assisted the infant in breathing by pumping air into his nose and mouth, which ultimately resulted in the baby’s survival.

When the newborn infant finally began to take a breath, the emergency medical technicians in the responding ambulance arrived on the scene. They took them to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital after they were done.

The people that came to help were quite amazed by what Jayden achieved!

Because of Jayden, both mom and baby may finally relax now that they are protected.

At Maplewood Middle School, Jayden will be presented with an award for his bravery by the city’s mayor and the first responders who assisted him. Ashlyn is under the impression that he will always have a unique connection with his younger brother.

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