When the Grandma who works at McDonald’s receives a set of keys from Secret Santa, she is at a loss for words…

Diana Boldman of Idaho, who is 65 years old, continues to put in a lot of effort at her job in order to make ends meet.

Diana has also struggled with her own health issues throughout her life, despite the fact that money is tight, Diana continues to put in a long day’s work each and every day, and she daydreams about retiring in a few years.

However, for the time being, Cameron and Diana get up early every morning in order to deliver one hundred fifty newspapers. After that, Diana puts in her time at McDonald’s by working there.

The couple’s van has approximately 244,000 miles on it and is getting to the point where it has to be repaired.

However, Diana’s persistent efforts drew the notice of a nearby Samaritan who offered assistance. The extraordinary act of charity performed by the stranger is just the sort of feel-good story that we like hearing about in the media.

The guy, who requests that his identity not be revealed, collaborated with the local news anchor Nate Easton to play the game of Secret Santa.

Consequently, Nate surprised Diana by presenting her with the presents from the Secret Santa exchange when she was working at McDonald’s.

When the kind woman is presented with the keys to a brand new automobile, together with $5,000 worth of gas cards and a cheque for $1,000 to pay the car’s registration, she is in total disbelief.

While Nate is showing her the shiny new SUV, all she can say is “Oh my gosh” over and over again.

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