When the little boy sees his baby sister for the first time, he is overjoyed and cries happy tears…

When it is finally time for a younger brother to see his baby sister for the first time, he is overtaken with emotion.

Alison Retelle was well prepared with her camera to record her son’s response when he got to touch the baby sister, and his reaction caused everyone to drop a tear or two.

The sound of Dad chatting to his kid may be heard off camera. “Isn’t she just adorable?” the father says while his youngster is left completely speechless and can only grin in admiration.

His mother encourages her son, saying, “You may speak to her.” It seems as if he’s ready to say something, but instead, happy tears are streaming down his face.

The father continues by stating, “She can’t speak back, but she understands what you’re saying so you may say anything you want to her.”

However, their kid does not talk at all; rather, he lets his face speak for itself, and it is clear that he is overflowing with happiness as he draws his little sister closer to him.

The video has received millions of views, and everyone who saw it couldn’t help but appreciate the significance of the occasion.

“This is one of the cutest and brilliantly recorded moments of a big brother’s emotional bond to his new baby sister,” people commented.

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