When the meteorologist’s young kid disrupted her live show, the meteorologist handled the cute “interruption” like a pro and later revealed what exactly her little one wanted to show everyone…

The recent experience of a mother who is a meteorologist during a live broadcast provided a glimpse into the reality of the work-from-home scenario for many parents who have young children.

On January 8, meteorologist Leslie Lopez was doing her live weather broadcast from her home in Los Angeles, California, when an unexpected visitor entered the frame in the form of her lovely 9-month-old son, Nolan.

The forecast for the morning has suddenly become a lot more exciting thanks to this development.

“We’re waiting for that storm right here in Southern California,” Lopez was saying before stopping momentarily to giggle at the endearing interruption provided by her kid.

But Lopez demonstrated that she was a real professional by picking up her kid and continuing with her report despite the interruption. At the very end of her monologue, she cracked a joke by saying, “He walks now, folks, so I’ve lost all control.”

Following the humorous occurrence, Lopez’s coworker Brandi Hitt turned to Twitter in order to share the adorable footage of baby Nolan’s short journey into the world of weather forecasting, “look at that active little one! ”

It was retweeted by Lopez with the following caption: “Mr. Friday made a surprise arrival this morning.”

A great number of individuals who saw the film said that seeing it brightened their day. A lot of people thought that Lopez handled the interruption with such poise, and they praised her for that.

According to the statement of one of the followers, “I like her response; she is not upset, and she deals with it as someone who is at ease with both herself and the circumstances in which she finds herself. She seems like a wonderful mother.”

“I can’t believe it! A part of the curtain has been pulled aside, revealing what lies beyond it. Mothers have always been regarded as “superwomen.” One more person tweeted that “you can just see it up close now.”

After her kid made an unexpected debut, Lopez was overheard saying, “For the very first time ever, he has pushed himself up from sitting to standing. I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

Lopez has also addressed the humorous news blunder on her Instagram Stories, where she has thanked everyone for their support and commented on the story.

“Striving for a healthy balance between work and family life may be challenging, but in some respects, this epidemic has at times delivered truly precious moments,” she wrote.

“We are so grateful that you were able to share in this experience with us; it means more than you realize.”

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