When the pupils knew their teacher had not been paid, they came up with an amazing idea on how to make him a bit happier…

After finding out that their instructor had not been paid in over two and a half months and that he was living and sleeping at the school, the students at Brazilian high school decided to surprise him with a present as a surprise.

Bruno Rafael Paiva was taken aback when the students gave him a financial present of $400 that they had pooled together from their individual contributions.

Paiva has been filling in for a teacher who is on maternity leave. However, because of a mistake, his name had not been put to the school’s payroll and as a result, he has been working without a wage for the last two and a half months.

The kids gave Paiva their present during a moment when he was feeling very down and hopeless.

“This month, when I realized that I would not be receiving [my income] after working for a month and a half, I saw everything becoming dark, and I fell into a deep melancholy: not knowing how to pay the bills and support my family that is changing and with many of the difficulties of life.”

“That is not possible. How are you able to achieve this?” Paiva asked the kids while opening the present.

When the other students see that he has started to weep, they immediately get up and offer him a big embrace.

He continued by saying that he saw the pupils as the future of the country.

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