When the woman moved to her newly purchased house, she realized she was not the only person living there…

The main character of this story made quite a startling discovery about herself when she found herself in an unusual setting as she was confronted with the challenge of dealing with a few unanticipated renters.

When Lisa Kurtz walked into the new house that she had just bought in Phoenix, Arizona, she found that she had a surprise waiting for her there.

The lady was unaware that the previous owner of the house had given permission for two people who were without homes to dwell on the porch of the house while it was being remodeled in return for the homeless people watching over the property while it was being constructed.

After the repairs were finished, the two people continued to live on the porch, and Lisa was forced to cope with the strange circumstances they had created for themselves by continuing to live there after the ownership of the property had changed.

She said: “I knew that taking them away would mean that they would be sleeping under a bridge and that is not ideal in the summer given the temperatures, so i let them stay, and they were treated like respectable tenants.

They had to make due with sleeping on the porch since we don’t have a spare room, but we gave them the keys to the home and told them they were welcome to use the kitchen, the bathroom, and the washing facilities whenever they wanted.”

The fact that the homeless and impoverished couple was able to remain on Lisa’s porch meant a great deal to them, and more significantly, it gave them a way to feel like they were “at home.”

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