When this bus driver realized that one of her passengers was a blind guy, she immediately asked everyone…

When this bus driver in Florida noticed a blind guy attempting to cross the street, she realized she had to take action, and as a result, her response has now gone viral on various social media platforms.

According to Ciji Crawford, a driver for Miami-Dade County, the decision to get off the bus and assist the blind guy in crossing the street was something that came effortlessly to her.

She said that she did not spend any time deliberating about her choice but instead acted instantly upon making it.

Therefore, she was taken aback when her managers phoned her to inform her that a video of her assisting the guy had gone popular on the internet.

“When my work phoned me and told me, ‘Hey, you went viral,’ I was like, ‘What?'” Crawford recalled.

“You know, it was something that was natural to me, so I didn’t even give the event a second thought”.

Crawford said that when she observed the blind guy required assistance to cross the road, she asked her passengers if it was acceptable with them to enable her to get off the bus and assist the man and they agreed that it was OK for her to do so.

Crawford said that she would appreciate it very much if someone were to be nice to her in the same manner that she was kind to the guy because she felt that it “was the right thing to do.”

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