When this motorists hit young girl, her father approached and embraced him because…

This motorist in Brazil was going about his business unaware of what was about to happen as one little girl, who was chasing a ball, suddenly ran in front of his automobile for no apparent reason.

Even when he put his foot down hard on the brake pedal, it was no longer possible to prevent a collision.

The child was placed into an ambulance, and rushed to the hospital. The chastened and repentant motorist was so upset that he was crying. Because of the pain he caused the kid, he was in so much sorrow.

Surprisingly, a kind-hearted guy approached the distraught driver despite the presence of the throng, law enforcement authorities, and medical personnel. He was given a bear embrace by Haghatta’s father.

The driver was unable to control his tears. The manner in which he responded gave the impression that he was completely taken aback by the action.

This compassionate father was even the one who consoled him and gave him the assurance that everything will turn out well in the end.

The young lady, too, was blessed with a happy ending thanks to the fortunate turn of events.

She did not sustain any serious injuries, and she is now well on her road to making a complete recovery, moreover, the driver was extended an invitation to visit by the kindly dad of the family.

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