When you read this story, you’ll believe that genuine love still exists…

A couple from Iowa has gone viral as their 18-year-old daughter Christin Koch posted the photographs of her father “[re-proposing]” to her mother on social media.

Despite the fact that the Kochs had been married for more than 26 years, Jim wanted to make sure Lora understood how much he loved her when she was recovering from surgical removal.

Lora was diagnosed with illness a little more than a month ago and has been recovering at home for about a week.

“My mother’s old wedding ring had simply been too tiny for a period of time, and she knew she would have to purchase a new one at some point, but she didn’t know when,” Christin stated.

“It was very beautiful and even more meaningful since it contains the diamonds from Lora’s original wedding band,” Christin says of the ring.

“After he had given her the ring and left the room my mother told me, ‘”This is what genuine love truly is, even though I look like this, he still loves me.

Even though I’m feeling a little unsightly right now, I can’t believe I’m deserving of something so gorgeous.”

Their daughter commented on this event saying  “‘If I ever find love half as lovely as theirs, I’ll be set.”

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