When you watch this tiny gymnast’s adorably impressive routine, you’ll understand why it was viewed over 13 million times

Stasya is the name of this tiny child. Her routine has received 12,665,234 views, and it’s easy to see why people like this young kid.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a fan favorite and a crowd-pleaser, since the ladies not only dance but also demonstrate epic proportions of power and balance.

It’s fitness on a whole new level.

So, the greatest method to develop such strength is to begin at an early age.

So, at such a young age and with such confidence, Stasya walks the stage and truly impresses the judges.

In fact, this is her second first-place finish!
That’s impressive for a tiny girl!

Tiny Stasya stands out in her bright yellow costume and pigtails as she steps out and strikes a pose for her audience.

Gymnastics Victoria is correct when they state,

“Rhythmic gymnastics is the best way to learn about your body and how to control it. This will help you become a better athlete in any sport.”

If you count, there are around fifteen judges watching this tiny child do her performance.
Stasya balances on one leg, then performs a front flip and a couple of splits.

She then does this!
Harmony is required, which implies perfect synchronization with the music and the techniques learned.
It goes without saying that practice is essential. It’s not simply educating youngsters her age.

Stasya is a huge fan of the sport.
Consider how she bends over backward before flipping herself over. If a normal adult did it… well, you get the idea.

The issue with rhythm gymnastics is that each and every maneuver must be completed flawlessly.

A minor error might cost the gymnast important points and potentially a position in the standings.

Talk about being scrutinized.
Good balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength, as well as a strong attitude under duress, are all qualities that aspiring gymnasts must possess, regardless of the discipline they pursue.

Throw in a few martial arts kicks for that secret agent vibe à la Black Widow, since they start young.
However, this tiny girl is just too lovely to be a super soldier.
Not unless she’s into it, in which case additional videos would be appreciated. One thing is certain: She’s a diamond!

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