While Army soldiers may look very serious, their “actions” will leave a smile on your faces

Just because you work in a serious field doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun as well.

People from all throughout the country have exhibited their “fun sides” in viral videos. Cops have lip-synced, firefighters have danced, and nurses have attempted “The Git Up Challenge.” It just goes to show that everyone, regardless of job, deserves to let their hair down once in a while!

A video showing a squad of Army troops has gone viral on the internet.

While they appear solemn, their “activities” put a smile on the spectators’ cheeks.

Prepare to march forth.
There are three rows of uniformed troops who look to be at their base. They’re on their feet as soon as the video starts. Not only that, but they begin to clap as well!

Another uniformed man is standing nearby. He’s leading them in a military cadence that requires some impressive maneuvers. When he asks them to “snap both sides,” they promptly comply. But this is merely the beginning…

A regiment of troops with a sense of rhythm
“You’re dynamite; you’re ready to battle; now let me see you lean to the left,” the cadence caller exclaims.

All of the troops bend to the left in reaction, and there is a loud “whoop!” They continue with their right, then both sides. These troops still have it!

One viewer stated,

“I have not served, but I come from a military background.” That was hilarious, in my opinion! “When you’re able to live a little.”

There are several advantages to employing military cadences.
Even if you are not a member of the military, you have most likely heard of cadences through television or movies. You know, military personnel marching or rushing in unison while chanting a song?

The following information regarding cadences was given by the US Army website:

“Since the Revolutionary War, the Army cadence has been an essential tradition that has lasted the test of time.” “Cadences, which are used to motivate, inspire, and keep Soldiers’ steps in time, develop a cohesive unit while also passing on the rich oral traditions of the United States Army.”

Cadences, according to the website, also assist troops to strengthen and manage their breathing when on strenuous runs and marches.


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It’s a motivational video that has received over 686K views.
During cadences, soldiers normally maintain synchrony. These ones do well, as they are instructed to freeze to the left, then to the right. But then they do a hilarious maneuver that allows them to escape.

A spectator may be heard laughing as they do this.

It appears to be a mood enhancer.
While the others are singing, many additional troops pass by. I’m not a mind reader, but maybe they’re thinking… Hey, how can I join that troop?

“I think it’s fantastic that our warriors can have fun as well,” one YouTube user said. “I’m sure they know when it’s time to get to work.”

Another person added:

“lmao.” This is really adorable. “The matrix portion had me in tears.”

Someone else complimented the officer in command of the soldiers:

“Wow, the drill sergeant has a fantastic voice.”

We could all use a bit more optimism in our lives. Hopefully, these warriors made you smile as well!

Play the video below to see them in action!

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