While doing her job, the housekeeper was being constantly asked to do weird tasks, and when she became suspicious, it became apparent that…

Cara Simmons, 36, of Cleveland, Ohio, had worked as a maid for a few years without having any single day off.

The profession took a major toll on her health, but she never lost her enthusiasm for helping her customers.

She was surprised when she was given a job as a housekeeper, which she assumed was nothing out of the norm.

She had no idea that this one would turn out to be anything but average – and that it would permanently change her life!

Cara had already been hospitalized many times as a result of her erratic job schedule. Also, she was unable to pay her rent.

Mother-of-four Cara was adored by both her children and her employees, who worked for a cleaning service called Maid Brite, because of her strong work ethic. As a result, they made a decision to take action.

Cara received a call from Maid Brite on an ordinary day informing her that she would be working at the house of a “very important” customer. Cara didn’t give it much thought at first, but when she arrived to the residence, a lady introduced herself as Madeline Blue asked if she could help her.

Madeline clarified that although the house had previously been cleaned on the inside, Cara’s help was still needed since the outside needed to be done as well.

The owners of the residence had engaged Madeline to prepare a major party for later that evening. Cara’s job was to help her boss out by making sure everything was ready in a timely manner.

To begin, Cara met with famous chef Manny Slomovits, who was hard at work in the kitchen putting up a sumptuous six-course dinner for the occasion.

Even though Cara couldn’t believe it, she was given the task of tasting and rating each delicious meal as it was created.

Before leaving the room, Madeline told Cara that she was attempting to clear up one of the closets by getting rid of some high-end designer clothing.  It was up to her to take everything she wanted, even expensive shoes and a gold watch!

Cara was once again summoned to the front door, this time with a huge package in hand, after the unexpected shopping expedition.

All of Cara’s personal possessions were included inside the box! Cara’s suspicions began to rise at this time, as things became more weird.

Seeing Cara’s stunned expression, the delivery guy instructed her to accompany him to his vehicle, where her children and other family members were expectantly to greet her with a surprise. However, the greatest surprise of the day was still yet to come.

The delivery guy smiled and stated, “What you and your family don’t know is that this is your house now” he was referring to their new home.

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