While on their collection route, two people who work for the city’s sanitation department rescue the life of a 10-year-old girl who had been taken…

A child who had been kidnapped has just been spared from certain doom by two sanitation employees from New Iberia Parish, Louisiana, who were able to block the abductor’s car with their trash truck.

On the morning of February 8, Dion Merrick and Brandon Antoine were working their garbage route when they saw the automobile described in an Amber Alert issued by the police about a 10-year-old girl who had been taken the previous night.

After seeing the car, Dion immediately dialed 911 and utilized his vehicle to prevent the suspect from fleeing the scene.

According to Dion, “I spoke to the 911 operator, and she essentially informed me that it would be approximately a minute before a deputy was going to be at the location.”

While the suspect is being dragged away and placed into a police vehicle, he can be seen yelling, “Why are you doing this to me?””

Concerning the young woman, the authorities have said that she was discovered in St. Martin Parish and that medical professionals have already examined her.

Roddie Matherne, the CEO of Pelican, issued a statement in which he praised his colleagues for the brave act that they had performed.

He added in an email, “We couldn’t be prouder of Dion and Brandon,” and he meant it.

“In point of fact, the whole of our Pelican Waste crew has been working valiantly, diligently, and professionally throughout the epidemic in order to serve the communities from which we collect rubbish and debris.

They have not missed a single shift. When they are driving, they often react in a different manner.

This was an extraordinary act, and it very likely may have prevented a little child from losing her life.”

Because these sanitation employees acted so quickly, the child is no longer in danger and can now go about her day without fear. They are deserving of praise and admiration for their brave action!

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