While paying tribute to Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Ellen DeGeneres breaks down in tears, “We’ll Never Make Sense of It…”

On Friday, Ellen DeGeneres, who is 64 years old, posted a tearful video on Instagram in which she acknowledged that “the last eleven days have been really tough for everyone” as a result of the loss of Titus Boss.

“Everyone is in anguish and trying to make sense of it, and we’ll never make sense of it,” she said. “I believe that the holidays are difficult anyway, but I believe that the greatest thing that we can do to memorialize tWitch is to joke about, embrace one another, play games, dance, and sing.

We pay tribute to him by engaging in activities that were some of his favorites, such as dancing, which he used to enjoy.” DeGeneres continued her monologue in the video by stating, “He liked music, and he loved games, so we do that.”

“And I know that it seems hard, that it seems impossible, but that is how we commemorate him,” she said.

The comedienne urged those who followed her on social media to “hug each other and tell one other we love each other and let folks know we’re there for them and check in on individuals.”

At the very end of the clip, she said that she wanted to add that “[Boss] was pure light, as everyone in the comments remarked.” “If you knew him, you would have known that about him.

Even if you weren’t familiar with him, you could tell. Let’s show our respect for him by remembering him and thinking about him, and let’s also show love to one another.”

“You are well aware of the fact that I adore you, tWitch. When we part ways at the end of each concert, we share our feelings of affection with one another by me saying, “I love you,” and he adds “Love you very much.”

Because of this, I will never let him completely go from my life, my life will never be the same without him in it.”

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