While the law student was being sworn into the state bar, the judge held the student’s baby as…

People’s trust in mankind is being restored as a result of a video that has gone viral showing a judge swearing in a new lawyer while also cradling the woman’s kid.

Juliana Lamar, the mother of the one-year-old kid, who just graduated from Belmont University College of Law, is shown having the oath administered to her by Judge Richard Dinkins of the Tennessee Court of Appeals as he is seen holding the infant in his arms and delivering the oath.

Just before she could be sworn in, Dinkins reportedly told Lamar that she wanted her son, Beckham, to “take part in the occasion.”

She expressed her gratitude that her kid was able to share in what she referred to as “one of the happiest moments of her life” and that it was a “true gift.”

She went on to say that throughout her time spent working as a clerk in Judge Dinkins’ court, the judge served as “a guiding light during my legal career.”

“I am aware that choosing to have a kid while attending law school is a common scenario, however, for those of us who are young and successful professionals, there is no ideal moment for us to have a family,” she said.

“In spite of the fact that we applaud the young mother of one for the successes she has had in her professional life and that we are grateful to Judge Dinkins for his humanity and kindness toward the young woman, we believe that more work needs to be done to make university policies more adaptable and inclusive.”

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