Wife revealed the secret she had kept from her husband for 60 years, as she asked him to open one shoe box that…

There is no such thing as perfect marriage, however, many married people will tell you that through the years, they have learned certain “tricks” that help them maintain a happy and healthy relationship with one another.

People who have been married for the greatest periods of time often provide the most instructive examples of these tactics for preserving marriages. One such couple shared an astounding 60 years of their lives together.

The woman’s doctor informed her one day that she didn’t have much time left to live, and at that point, she made the decision to reveal the incredible secret trick that she’d been relying on for the entirety of her life together with her partner.

An old shoebox was stored on the highest shelf of her closet, and she insisted that her husband give her a solemn promise that he would never inquire about the box or peek inside of it and he respectfully complied with his wife’s one and only request.

Finally, she provided him with an answer that took him entirely by surprise as her desire was that after all this time, he would finally crack it open and show her what was hidden within.

Therefore, with considerable trepidation, he cautiously removed the top of the container and found a pair of crocheted dolls that she had knitted all by herself along with cash pile totaling $95,000.

She explained to him that many years ago, shortly before they were set to be married, her grandmother had told her the key to enjoying a long and happy life together with your spouse – to avoid conflict anyhow.

So, instead of raising her voice to her husband or arguing with him over a problem, she could be quiet and start crocheting a doll as a way to release the tension she is feeling.

He was taken aback by how well their connection had endured the test of time and started to have an overwhelming feeling of pride as a result.

Nevertheless, there was one thing that he was still having trouble understanding, and that was the origin of all of the money.

She greeted him with a grin, winked at him, and then proceeded to explain, “That’s the money that I earned from selling all of the other dolls!”

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