Winona Ryder Remembers Time When Keanu Reeves Stood His Ground and Refused to Mistreat Her While Some…

Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves have known each other for a significant amount of time and have developed a strong friendship.

In “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” the characters played by Reeves and Ryder end up being married to one another; this was a sequence in the movie that was eerily lovely, particularly when one considers the fact that Reeves and Ryder were becoming close friends behind the scenes.

Reeves and Ryder have claimed in a number of interviews conducted over the years that they had been married ever since the shooting of the wedding ceremony sequence that appeared in the 1992 movie. A genuine priest was present during the filming of that scene.

Since the two of them were put in a less than ideal circumstance while filming “Dracula,” they have developed a strong friendship with one another. They haven’t stopped adoring one other all these years later.

Ryder said in a statement that  the beginning of her long friendship with Reeves began on the set of “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” where Reeves was asked to insult his co-star in order to make her cry. Ryder had a hard time getting herself to weep when she was told to, and none of her strategies appeared to be working.

Gary Oldman’s Dracula was going to transform into a nest of rats in this moment, which would have caused Ryder’s character to react in a horrified manner. She was meant to burst into tears to make the situation more convincing, but she had a hard time crying out loud when she needed to.

Ryder said that the filmmaker had the idea that he could make her weep whether a single person or numerous people yelled horrible things at her.

After determining that this strategy was not going to work, the director gave the other members of the cast the assignment of helping him bring Ryder to tears. Fortunately, Reeves’s unwillingness to offend Winona Ryder went a long way and resulted in a lasting relationship that has transcended decades.

However, it’s possible that their bond goes far deeper than others realize. Ryder has joked on many occasions that she and Reeves are married. In her words: “We literally tied the knot while watching ‘Dracula.’ No, I swore to God that I’m quite sure we’re married in the real world.”

Reeves discussed the possibility that he might marry Ryder based on the wedding moment that they had in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” He said:

“Winona thinks we are. According to Coppola, we are. So it would seem that we are married in the sight of God.”

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