Woman has been making birthday cake for her allegedly taken daughter every year for the last 42 years, and now she gets to…

At the Bethesda Home for Girls, a young woman who was 16 at the time of the birth of her daughter was not allowed to hold or even see her baby. A heartfelt reunion took place forty years later, at which time she finally got to see her daughter for the first time.

Before Nancy Womac realized she was pregnant, she spent her childhood years at an orphanage in Dalton, Georgia. As soon as it was discovered that she was going to have a baby, the staff at the orphanage transferred her to the Bethesda Home for Girls.

Womac and her brothers received their upbringing from their maternal and paternal grandparents. After her parents passed away, Womac was placed in the care of an orphanage in the city of Dalton.

“It was a very lengthy dirt path that led down to Bethesda from the main road. It simply kept going and going till it finally terminated at this long structure that was all white. It was a nightmare that had really come true.”

Because of the homeowners’ overbearing control over Womac’s life, she made the decision to leave the neighborhood. However, the main doors were locked, so she was unable to leave the building at any time.

They removed her kid from her sight before she could even see her daughter.

The Bethesda authorities were the ones who decided the course of the females’ lives and where their children would go to school. A great number of mothers were compelled to sell their kids to wealthy families who were willing to pay a high price for them.

In June of 1979, Womac became a mother to her daughter, although she was unable to even meet her daughter throughout her lifetime. She spent decades pining away for the opportunity to finally see her offspring until she finally did.

She had formed a vision of her daughter in her head, and she often pondered the activities that she would be engaged in. She prepared her a birthday cake every year and hailed her successes, fully anticipating that she would eventually achieve those goals.

Melanie Spencer, her daughter, was adopted and brought up by a couple who were working as missionaries in Indonesia and South Africa. They said that her mother had the goal of placing her daughter in a “respectable Christian family.”

The little girl’s parents’ explanations did not satisfy her, and she expressed her displeasure with them. She had a lot of inquiries about her biological mother since she was eager to learn more about the woman who gave her life.

After deciding to get her master’s degree and start a career as a counselor, Spencer uprooted her life and moved to the United States. She didn’t think about Womac again until she had children, at which point she started to worry what she would say to them if they asked her about their ancestors.

She decided to have an Ancestry DNA test so that she might learn more about her biological parents, and she awaited the results with bated breath.

She was able to track down Womac’s sister Cheryl Blackwell thanks to the findings of the test. She hoped that she might link Blackwell with her mother by sending her a note, but Blackwell didn’t check her email for another year after she received the message.

Blackwell made the connection between Womac and Spencer immediately after reading message. They became Facebook friends with one another and spoke about their experiences over the platform.

Womac couldn’t contain her excitement at having a conversation with her daughter after such a long time. Spencer also noted that she had always wanted to know who her original mother was and that having a conversation with her on Facebook was quite strange.

After having a conversation with her mother, Spencer made the decision to travel from her residence in Maryland to her mother’s residence in Georgia.

Before Spencer went back to her house, the mother and daughter spent a lot of time together before she left.

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