Woman modifies the words to “Jolene” and has the internet in stitches over her rendition

Everybody who is a Dolly Parton fan, and even those who aren’t, has undoubtedly heard the song “Jolene.” Despite the fact that it was published more than 35 years ago, it is still one of her most famous songs. It’s a hit with everyone.

Parton claimed that her husband Carl Dean’s visit to a nearby bank served as the inspiration for the lyrics of “Jolene.”A cashier with fiery red hair flirted with him while he was there. He and Parton hadn’t been married long at the time, and she wasn’t pleased with the girl’s activities.

As a result, she penned the song “Please don’t steal my boyfriend.” In terms of the song’s title… As she was on tour, a little admirer jumped on stage to collect her signature. Jolene is the name of the fan.

Garnetta Rickett, a parody artist, is one of my favorite people. She’s so outstanding at her job that she was recently featured on the Bob and Sheri morning talk program. It all started when Sheri heard Rickett’s rendition of “Jolene.”

Sheri says she was “on the floor snorting laughter” when she watched the spoof. During the discussion, she inquired as to why Rickett picked the song “Jolene” to parody. “Well, I had a lot of friends at the time grumbling about their spouses or boyfriends being underfoot,” she says.

For all the women trapped at home with their significant others, know that you are not alone in hoping they would hurry up and return to work. Rickett not only comes from a musical background, but she also sings and has nearly all of Parton’s videos.

Sherri told the morning show co-hosts that being locked at home with a husband or lover is nothing like a Hallmark movie. Rickett jumped in, saying that actually, it was more like “Misery.”

Rickett has been under quarantine for a long period of time as a caregiver to her 76-year-old mother, who is in hospice. She said she’d gotten so skilled at it that she could teach other people how to survive.

Rickett went on to remark that she listens to Parton all the time and particularly likes this song. Therefore, when listening to it on a YouTube channel, she realized she needed to produce a spoof of it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Rickett appears in her spoof wearing a bathrobe, and her hair is a chaotic mess. She begins by stating that she is sick and tired of the guarantee and has had enough of it. Soon later, she begins to sing “Jolene.” She alters the lyrics from “please don’t take my boyfriend” to “please come to collect my man.”

She desires that someone steal her boyfriend as soon as possible. “He’s large and powerful, like a bear; he even has all his hair,” she sings later, “but I can’t stand him, Jolene.” Her facial expressions are wonderful. It’s no surprise she’s known as the parody queen.

Shenanigans late at night… Another “Jolene” spoof I hope you enjoy it! Please join my Facebook group quarantine parodies and such to view all of my parody videos! And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, G Rickett. I’d really appreciate it! Be careful out there… I do not own the rights to this song. Dolly Parton’s Twitter handle is @dollyparton.

The video below shows her interview on the Bob & Sheri morning talk show.

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