Woman reveals what exactly James Cordon said that made her displeased with him…

Michelle Andrews, a podcast presenter, has revealed one James Corden moment that she didn’t really enjoy,’ while also labeling him as someone who doesn’t have the finest reputation in the industry.

A part of the Shameless Podcast, which was aired on TikTok this week and in which the hosts addressed why so many people have a problem with James Corden,’ garnered Andrews’ attention.

Andrews and Zara McDonald, who co-host the Shameless Podcast, both expressed their displeasure with Corden.

It was brought to the attention of McDonald that Corden seems to be somewhat unpopular in the business’, to the extent where both Andrews and McDonald had previously talked about it, to which Andrews responded that Corden is ‘not the most likable person all of the time’.

When asked about Corden’s most memorable moment, the presenter mentioned a recent episode of the Kardashians in which he appeared and chatted with Khloe Kardashian, which she described as a “15-second” presence. “It was like, wow, that was him,” she said.

According to Andrews, the incident occurred during an episode of Hulu’s new series The Kardashians, in which Corden reassured Kim Kardashian after she confessed that she was nervous about her upcoming visit on his Late Late Show because of trolls.

During the show, Corden reassured Kardashian that she could disregard negative internet comments and quipped, “Look, you’re sipping champagne at 4 p.m. on Monday and you’re at work, we’ve won!”

Apparently unimpressed with the debate, Andrews said that Corden should ‘tone it down a touch’ when appearing on television and added, “He doesn’t seem to have that radar.”

The reports that Corden had previously pushed at a Writers Guild Meeting that late night writers should be paid less money were also brought to Andrews’ notice, who said that as a consequence, Corden “doesn’t have this reputation of being the nicest, most relaxed, kind person.”

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