Woman was snowboarding without knowing that she was being chased by a big bear

Kelly Murphy was snowboarding at Japan’s Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park near Nagano when a brown bear came behind her and chased her down the slope. However, the young woman is wearing headphones and is utterly unaware of the bear! She is absolutely ignorant of the bear rushing behind her since she is humming Rihanna’s “Work” and making a “selfie video.”

She eventually becomes too quick for the bear to keep up with and abandons him on the icy slope. It wasn’t until she saw the tape later that she realized what a close call she had.

“OMG! ” “I was watching my snowboarding footage when I noticed a bear pursuing me!” she posted on YouTube. “I almost got devoured!” … “People, be cautious!”

Many individuals have argued that the video, like the story of the man who cliff-dove into the sea with a shark, is a hoax. However, some, including Murphy, believe it is true. The presence of the bear on the mountain coincides with when the animals emerge from hibernation, and bears have been sighted around the ski slope in recent years. The mountain is also claimed to have loudspeakers installed to keep bears at bay. So the verdict is in.

Meanwhile, tell your buddies about this amazing trip on the slopes!

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