Woman was left in tears after stranger handed an envelope to her and left quickly, as the story and the request in it were…

Tammi Bennett, one resident of Barry, South Wales, was handling her emotions over a “terrible” day by going for a stroll when she was contacted by an unknown person.

Tammi received an envelope from an unknown person during their short exchange, after which the stranger wished her well and hastily left the scene. Tammi was taken aback when she opened the envelope and saw a scribbled letter along with a ten pound bill inside.

The message said that the anonymous sender, who signed the card as “Jason’s mom,” wished to extend a gesture of goodwill to the recipient on the occasion of what would have been her son’s 28th birthday except for the fact that he had passed away.

His mother had a single request for anyone who got the card in memory of her son: the money that was contained should be used to purchase a birthday cake in his honor as his  son enjoyed birthday cakes.

In a heartfelt ode to her son, Jason’s mother wrote: “Family is very essential, spending time with family is such a valuable GIFT!” Tammi was moved to tears by the kind act, so she went to tell everyone about it.

She commented that it “really made me sad” and “made me realize not everyone understands how blessed they are to have relatives that they can spend time with.”

Tammi also posted a photo of the birthday cake she had purchased for Jason along with her message, which read as follows: “We did actually buy a cake, shared it with the family, and wished Jason a happy 28th birthday.”

After getting such a heartwarming response, the message even reached Jason’s mother. Jason’s mother has now been in contact with Tammi to express her gratitude for the way in which she has honored her son’s memory.

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