Women Who Have Worked Together for the Past 30 Years Find Out That They Are Half-Sisters…

Cheryl Becker is 68 years old, while Linda Rinaldi has reached the age of 69. When they were both working at a hospital in Connecticut more than three decades ago, they finally crossed paths.

Both of the ladies had the distinct impression that they were connected to one another in some way and that they were bound by a common bond.

Rinaldi elaborated as follows: ” She has always been really kind to me, making her one of the nicest persons I’ve ever come across.”

Even though they had known one other for three decades until Rinaldi moved away, they had lost contact with one another. Ralph, Cheryl’s husband, had an interest in genealogy and family history, which was the catalyst for all the changes that occurred.

Cheryl thought that having this interest was a gift from the universe. She had been given a DNA test as a present, and she had checked it out on one of the websites that deal with DNA.

The results of her DNA testing contradict her self-held belief that she is of mixed French and Italian ancestry.

As a result of these discoveries, she had the impression that she had spent the most of her life engaging in deception. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing in the reflection of the glass and kept asking herself, “Who am I?”

Things were made much more difficult by the revelation that the guy who had reared her was not her real father.

On the other side, the genealogical tests provided the women who thought they may be half-sisters with a glimmer of hope. In particular, the findings indicated that a connection existed between her and Linda Rinaldo.

She said to her husband that she had worked with this individual in the past and was certain that it was the same person at this time.

The only information that was included in the conclusion was the phrase “closely related or first cousin.” The DNA test provided conclusive evidence that they were, in fact, half-sisters. They only had a gap of 16 months between their ages.

Having been apart for such a significant amount of time, the sisters now have an abundance of time at their disposal to make up for lost ground.

Becker continued by stating that although they had lost the preceding thirty years, they had instead been given the next thirty years to live out.

“Like sisters, we need to make memories for each other. What started off as a challenging circumstance transformed into a pleasant one.”

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