World Food Programme predicted that the donation will save 42 million lives, Elon Musk privately gave $5.7 billion worth of shares to charity as soon as they fulfilled his request to…

After hearing from the Global Food Programme that six billion dollars could put an end to world hunger, Elon Musk made a private donation to charity consisting of 5.7 billion dollars’ worth of Tesla shares.

David Beasley, the executive director of the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP), recently gave an interview in which he stated that tens of millions of people living in poverty in a variety of regions are at risk of famine as a result of the epidemic and the current situation worldwide.

He exhorted the millionaires of the globe to get involved and put their wealth to productive use.

David asserted that $6 billion could end global hunger and provide the support required to save the lives of 42 million people all across the globe.One of these regions where a large number of people are going hungry is Kabul, which is located in Afghanistan.

Due to years of conflict and drought, millions of people are now struggling to get enough food to sustain themselves. After learning about David’s interview and assertion that $6 billion from the world’s billionaires might put an end to hunger, Elon Musk sent a response to David’s plea in the form of a tweet.

He said that he would sell shares in his firm, Tesla, and give the money to charity if he could demonstrate mathematically how $6 billion could put an end to hunger in the world.

“If WFP can explain exactly how $6 billion would eradicate global hunger in this Twitter thread, I will sell Tesla shares right now and do it,” Elon declared in a Tweet.

The Globe Food Programme (WFP) developed a comprehensive plan that lays out in an open and transparent way how the funds would be used to help reduce hunger throughout the world during the pandemic.

The provision of food and its distribution would receive $3.5 billion, cash assistance and food vouchers would receive $2 billion, country-specific expenditures to build, scale up, and manage would receive $700 million, and the management, administration, and accountability of global and regional operations would receive $400 million.

After the first interview with David, the topic was not brought up again until someone digging through a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission discovered that Elon Musk had privately disclosed that he had gifted a total of 5.044 million Tesla shares to a charitable trust, valued at $5.6 billion, just a few weeks after the WFP presented him with his plan.

Prior to this discovery, there was no further mention of the subject. It is believed that Elon’s charitable contribution is the $6 billion that the World Food Programme has asked, and that it would be used to save the lives of 42 million people who are hungry.

However, Elon has not made the details of his donation public. Elon became the year’s second-largest charitable giving, following only the Gates family, who gave $15 billion via their amazing nonprofit foundation.

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