You should see what this homeless man did for these dogs… It touched so many hearts that..

Without a birthday cake, with the candle on top, no celebration would be complete.

A homeless guy was observed arranging a simple birthday celebration for his two dogs, singing to them ‘Happy Birthday,’ giving them hugs, and treating them to cake, all while sitting on the stairwell of a public park, since he had no other place to stay due to his lack of other means of shelter. However, this would soon alter

In the middle of one lovely evening in Bucaramanga, Colombia, a guy going through a park saw a homeless man hosting what seemed to be a birthday celebration for his beloved dogs.

Choco, the guy, was sitting on the stairwell with his buddies Shaggy and Nena.

They were there to celebrate the birthday of Shaggy the puppy. The cake and candles were in place, and he immediately began singing “Happy Birthday.”

The spectator made the decision to record the occurrence, and we are quite grateful that he did, because what followed next is incredibly wonderful.

After cutting the first pieces of cake to give to his dogs, Choco proceeded to offer additional pieces to each of them from his own plate.

It’s hard not to feel a pang of sadness when you consider how much money the man must have spent on the cake, candles, and party hats, but he still put forth all of that effort to ensure that his friends had the celebration they deserved.

Choco seemed to be having a few tears of his own at the time.

After finishing the movie, the guy who was recording approached Choco and inquired about their life and offered assistance. Choco had spent the previous many years living on the streets after running from a difficult family.

No matter how difficult things were, he’d always made sure that Shaggy and Nena were taken care of to the best of his abilities.

Choco received a phone as a present, and he was able to use it to make an Instagram account, which currently has more than 180K followers.

On an Instagram Live, he shared some personal information about himself, revealing that he is from from the town of El Peón.

He also spoke about his ambitions to pursue a musical career and to establish an animal shelter.

Choco has been selling some t-shirts and giving a portion of the proceeds to organizations dedicated to ending animal suffering.

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