You will never guess why the dog was ignoring his owner… For weeks, she could not understand the reason until…

Communication is essential in every relationship, though, it is particularly important in our relationships with our dogs.

While some dogs are just stubborn and have selective hearing, one adopted dog called Max was not responding to orders because he couldn’t comprehend what his new people were saying. Max was a rescue dog who had been adopted by a family.

Kalee McGee acquired the 4-year-old male Chihuahua a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until recently that she learned he only spoke Spanish.

Her funny discovery was made public on TikTok, and the video has received more than a million views since its release.

She had been perplexed for weeks as to why her well-behaved dog would just ignore her when she called him to “come” or “sit.”

“It seems that he has had some instruction, but he would not listen to us,” Kalee added.

While playing about with her companion and saying the instruction “sit” in several languages, Kalee and her boyfriend were caught surprised.

As soon as they repeated it in Spanish, he was completely taken aback and promptly sat down.

Afterward, she turned the camera on Max and showed by first asking him to come in English, which he refused to do, and then in Spanish, which he agreed to do. He walked up to her right away and then sat down when he was requested in a language he understood.

Thanks to Translate, the dog parent has picked up a few basic commands in Spanish that she can use with her dog.

When she exclaims, “buen chico,”  (good boy). Max’s tail begins to wag happily in response.

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